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Sell With Us!

Welcome to Collective Vintage, your local vintage emporium where the past meets the present in a curated collection of vintage, thrift, and second-hand treasures. 


Selling Process: Transform Your Closet into Cash


Step 1: Embrace the Vintage Vibe

Unearth the hidden gems in your wardrobe – those vintage, thrift, and second-hand pieces that tell a story. From classic styles to unique finds, we welcome a variety of clothing and accessories that align with our commitment to timeless fashion.


Step 2: Submit Your Treasures

Ready to part with your pre-loved items? Visit the shop and follow the straightforward steps to submit your pieces. Our Fort Collins team is eager to assess your items, ensuring they meet our vintage and curated criteria.


Step 3: Turn Your Style into Cash

Once approved, your items become a part of Collective Vintage's curated collection. Earn cash for your contributions, transforming your well-loved clothing into a new chapter while making vintage accessible to our Fort Collins community.


Consignment Process: Join the Collective Movement


Step 1: Choose Consignment or Donation

Opt for our consignment process and give your items a second life, or choose the donation alternative to contribute to our commitment to sustainability. Either way, your clothing finds a new home while supporting a greener, community-driven fashion ecosystem.


Step 2: Submit Your Vintage and Second-Hand Finds

Submitting your items is a breeze. Whether it's clothing with a vintage flair, unique accessories, or antique pieces, our Fort Collins team eagerly awaits your treasures. Follow the consignment process steps to share your curated items with us.


Step 3: The Collective Curation Touch

Our dedicated curators review each submission, ensuring that only the finest vintage, thrift, and second-hand pieces become part of our Fort Collins emporium. Your contribution adds a unique touch to our collection, creating a diverse and approachable shopping experience for all.


Step 4: Be a Part of Our Fort Collins Community

Join the Collective Vintage community in Fort Collins, where individual styles converge, and a shared passion for sustainable fashion thrives. Connect with like-minded individuals, share your fashion journey, and discover the stories behind each handpicked piece.


Why Choose Collective Vintage in Fort Collins, CO?

  • Curated Collection: Discover a curated selection of vintage, thrift, and second-hand treasures that reflect the richness of fashion through the ages.

  • Community-Driven: Become a part of the Fort Collins community that values sustainability, affordability, and individual style.

  • Boutique Experience: Enjoy an emporium-style shopping experience where each item is handpicked, offering an affordable yet boutique feel.

  • Sustainable Practices: Support our commitment to sustainability by participating in the consignment or donation alternative, contributing to a circular fashion economy.

Ready to transform your closet, support sustainability, and embrace vintage style in Fort Collins, CO? Explore our selling and consignment processes today at Collective Vintage. Your journey into the world of affordable, curated fashion awaits!


For info on the Fort Collins Vintage Market Pop-Up Events click here.

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