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The Challenge: Rethinking Clothing Donations

We understand that sometimes, your well-loved clothing doesn't quite align with the curated selection we offer at Collective Vintage. However, we also recognize the importance of finding a purpose for these items beyond traditional thrift stores, where donations might not always stay within our community.

Our Vision: Creating a Circular Fashion Economy

At Collective Vintage, we've envisioned a donation alternative that not only supports sustainable fashion practices but also keeps the benefits within our local community. We invite you to redirect rejected clothing items to us, contributing to the creation of a circular fashion economy right here in Fort Collins.

The Collective Vintage Difference:

  1. Local Impact: By choosing our donation alternative, you ensure that your clothing stays within our community. It becomes part of a unique cycle where locals support locals.

  2. Community Development: The proceeds generated from the sale of donated items will be reinvested into local initiatives, fostering community development and supporting causes close to our hearts.

  3. Environmental Responsibility: Join us in minimizing the environmental impact of clothing waste. Through this alternative, we collectively contribute to reducing our ecological footprint.

  4. Sustainability at the Core: Collective Vintage is committed to sustainability, and your rejected clothing becomes an integral part of our efforts to promote a greener, more conscious fashion landscape.

How to Participate:

  1. Contact Us: Reach out to our donation coordinator by calling us at (970) 658-1025 or shoot an email to to express your interest and receive more information about our donation alternative.

  2. Drop-off Location: Bring your rejected vintage clothing items to our drop-off location at 1232 W Elizabeth St C-1 Fort Collins, CO 80521. Our team will gladly receive your contributions during our regular business hours.

  3. Community Impact: Witness the positive impact your donations can have on our local community as we redirect the proceeds towards projects and initiatives that matter.

Thank You for Considering Collective Vintage's Donation Alternative

Your decision to participate in our donation alternative not only supports our commitment to sustainability but also enriches the fabric of our community. We appreciate your dedication to making a difference and look forward to working together to create a more vibrant, eco-conscious future.

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